Ottobre with Sweet n Charmed Fabrics

So since so many of us are new to ottobre or this style of pattern magazine we thought it would be good to put as much info as we could think of in a post.

The lovely Adrienne supplied us with the photos and experience 🙂

Each issue contains a number of patterns geared towards the season it’s releasing for.


Each pattern has a tracing guide


There is a sizing guide in each issue


The sizes are European to a handy conversion chart is a good idea


To find your pieces you find the number of the correct color on the bottom and go up until you find the pattern piece with the matching number


The are plenty of how to’s for tracing patterns and using these great patterns. Here are a couple you might like 🙂
the train to crazy blog-sewing with ottobre patterns
YouTube video of tracing patterns
sewmccool blog-tracing ottobre patterns

Please let us know if you have any questions!
Ashley, Kristal, and Adrienne


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