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Ottobre with Sweet n Charmed Fabrics

So since so many of us are new to ottobre or this style of pattern magazine we thought it would be good to put as much info as we could think of in a post.

The lovely Adrienne supplied us with the photos and experience 🙂

Each issue contains a number of patterns geared towards the season it’s releasing for.


Each pattern has a tracing guide


There is a sizing guide in each issue


The sizes are European to a handy conversion chart is a good idea


To find your pieces you find the number of the correct color on the bottom and go up until you find the pattern piece with the matching number


The are plenty of how to’s for tracing patterns and using these great patterns. Here are a couple you might like 🙂
the train to crazy blog-sewing with ottobre patterns
YouTube video of tracing patterns
sewmccool blog-tracing ottobre patterns

Please let us know if you have any questions!
Ashley, Kristal, and Adrienne


Item #1!

It’s a wallet!!


For my grandma. 🙂 I made my mom one for her birthday back in September and when she was visiting grandma asked for one.


So I made her one. Her favourite colour is yellow but I don’t have much so I used a piece of cranky clouds cotton knit. Figured it was okay because it would be fused to interfacing before sewing and it worked great!

Here are a couple more pictures. Lots of card slots, 2 pockets for bills or receipts and a change purse.



1 down 99 to go… Eeeek


My version of The 100 Item Challenge!

So all over Facebook (and probably other places I haven’t ventured yet) people are doing the 100 items challenge!
It basically means you sew 100 things from your fabric stash before you buy any new fabric. There is some wiggle room for people who run businesses and need it for custom orders etc.

I would love to do this but I don’t have stash really…*yet!*

So I am doing the next best thing and setting the goal of sewing 100 items this year!!

I sincerely intend to achieve this and hope it helps me to blog regularly 🙂
I have my first finish almost done! That will be my next post 😉

Sew on my friends!!


Starting with resolution! or starting anyways….

So here i am deciding to ring in the new year with a new blog…and the resolution to write on it.

Here goes nothing.

2013 has been a good year over all, my son grew from a newborn into a sturdy(dare i say chubby?) toddler. Very sure of himself and learning new things every day at his wise 13 months.
I got more involved in sewing and set up a Facebook page to sell my goodies on,Pacific Stitches. I have really enjoyed doing the custom orders i’ve done so far and look forward to trying the new projects i have on hand.

For my family it has been a year of spending time and growing closer and though these last few months have been busy with my heading back out into the work force part time, it has been sprinkled through with quiet times, laughter, and snuggles.

Hello! and i hope your enjoying your holidays!